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Why would a person contact a heart and soul healer?

About Healing

Heart & Soul healing may be perceived as delivery to you of deep inspiration for your needs, it may be seen as a delivery to you of hope, love, and comfort.

It may be a spiritual healing, a distant healing, group healing or one on one.

It may encompass guidance, and soul companionship, supporting your heart through perhaps your darkest time, or just supporting your daily smile, and your walk through life.

There are many more types of healing, some older than time itself.

It may be seen as intercessory prayer or distant prayer;

It is provided by a person experienced in the healing arts, with the focus on your needs.

A person experienced in the healing arts.

Besides a loving heart, Evie has studied Meditation, Mediumship, Psychic development, Spiritual Healing, Chakra clearing, Colour Healing, Reiki, BARS, Aura drawing and reading and Aura walking, as well as Hypnotherapy.

Above all, Evie has felt cared for through many precarious life experiences, and she cares about others, she believes in you, and your needs.

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What might one sense during and following a healing?

Every individual has their own sensory links and levels, and every experience will be one, which is unique to that individual. Hopes for healing outcomes involve betterment and positivity.

Perhaps an individual might feel a lessening of personal pain.

Perhaps the personal journey for the individual will involve a new peace and relaxation, pleasantness, better feelings.

The Heart and Soul seeks inner peace, and harmony, inner balance, and calm.

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Who am I?

I am Yvonne Fregon, and simply known as Evie – I am a heart & soul healer. Founder of Owl House Arts - “House of Healing”.

During my life, I was surrounded by love, and still with my fair share of “tough”. I represented Australia and competed in the World Parachuting Championships, facing dangers and yet forming deep and bonding relationships – everlasting.

I have taught, delivered training and education in both public and private sectors, and cared very deeply about each individual student that learned from me. Each one was “important to me” no matter what background. No matter where I was, there was always deep within me a sense of “spiritualism, caring, and deep sense of healing for hearts and souls in need”. So here I am, today, for you.

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Our CD

Why the CD “From the Heart, Inspirational Words of Love & Comfort”?

I care for all persons & circumstances, which may be from their own general lives, maybe for their tough times, hardship, and even for loss.

My journey on this path began many years ago, eventuating in my Debut CD, entitled "From the Heart, Inspirational Words of Love & Comfort".

Written with original lyrics, it is supported by calmative ambient music aimed to give the listener a deep sense of being loved & cared for, with uplifting inspiration.

Let's help others too! Your purchase is for your heart & soul, AND it will help others, with a percentage of sales being donated to a Mental Health Organisation.

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(MP3 Edition, $17.99)
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(Hard Copy, $25.99)

The listed prices are for Australian buyers only.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - Additional terms and costs apply for all items. Contact Me.

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Heart & Soul Services

Note 1 - Due to the Covid-19 situation, many of these services will be conducted by phone or over skype or Messenger.

Note 2 - All physically-attended services must be within 10KMs of Brisbane CBD. Please contact me for other locations.

Note 3 - Upcoming Courses Available please go to Facebook and Blog Newsfeed on this website
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1. Mediumship Reading

A mediumship reading is based upon connecting to loved ones who have passed and channel thru the medium to bring evidence and messages.
$80 for 30 mins.

2. Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading involves drawing and interpreting the meaning of the colours in their aura.
Also known as Aura Drawing and Aura Reading, it’s a personal reading about you.
$80 for 30 mins.

3. Pet Services - Memorial and Farewell Service

A time when you will need comforting – the farewell for your pet.
This serves to offer comfort to those left behind, with a warm and loving service for your beloved pet, where you can recall fond memories of times spent together.
$50.00 deposit, total costs dependent on requirements

4. Psychic Parties

Group mediumship readings with messages from a loved one. Parties of 5 people minimum, 10 people maximum, within 10 km radius of Brisbane CBD. Please ask for a quotation on postcodes outside this area.
Cost per person: $50
Deposit required: $100
Cancellation Fee: $50

5. Chakra & Aura Cleanse & Balance

Chakras (Chi) within you, give your life vitality. Chakras radiate and receive constant energy which flows to the nerves & glands in your body. The body has 7 major energy centres which can become blocked. Life itself can block this flow, through negative emotions and you may feel “sluggish or out of sorts”. Clearing the negative energy allows the “life force” to flow again. Your aura that surrounds your body reflects the state of your chakras and should be cleansed at the same time.
$80.00 for 30-40 minute session

6. Spiritual Healing

Directed towards feelings of calm, relief, less tension. The healer prays for guidance & divine intervention to transmit healing energies to the receiver via the hands of the healer.
Time is variable in this healing and is determined by the amount of energy required to be transmitted.
$50.00 for Spiritual Healing, or $100.00 including a Chakra & Aura Cleanse & Balance.

7. House Clearing

By cleansing and clearing negative spaces and negative energy – House clearing serves to assist in creating a harmonious environment for those within.
$250 for 60 min, at your location

Note 1 - Due to the Covid-19 situation, many of these services will be conducted by phone or over skype or Messenger.

Note 2 - All physically-attended services must be within 10KMs of Brisbane CBD. Please contact me for other locations.

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💜 ‘’It’s (the CD) absolutely beautiful. I just felt so peaceful & calm. I would recommend this for anyone who feels that life is too much at the moment. These words have helped me to cope.”
Brisbane, QLD, Aust.
💜 ‘’Evie, so kind hearted, so much respect, sensitivity and love for others. The CD project was truly inspirational.”
Chrisse F.
Brisbane, QLD, Aust.
💜 ‘’I would love to congratulate you Evie on your recently launched CD, it is wonderful, though I would say, be aware that it may send you into a very relaxed state of calm, love peace and harmony with the world....

I shall listen to it every night now, because I know I shall fall into sleep whilst listening to the gentle affirmations ... as a medium myself I know that the mind still hears even though the body goes into sleep.... just the right time to launch something to take away anxiety.

Thank you and congratulations. 💜 💜 💜 ”
Sandy Ingham
Cornwall, UK
‘’All I can say that, Robin is a phenomenal designer. The wavelength at which he thinks is astoundaing. I love the focus, passion and attention to detial in the design.’’
Vincent Rudd
CEO, Company 3


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